Please note: Specific times and authors for all PanelS + Conversations will be confirmed in the next few weeks.



Friday events are free and open to the public

Evolution, Ecology, Eco-Sapiens: Regional award-winning authors, Thor Hanson and Jonathan White, lead a lively discussion about the evolution of ecology and its intersection with our human culture, ancient and new.

Young Adult Author’s Panel:  Beloved and award-winning YA (Young Adult) authors Lilliam Rivera, Jennifer Longo and Michele Bacon, share their work and their writing journey with all ages.

Lit Walk:  Critically-acclaimed writers and emerging voices read their work at charming venues throughout Eastsound Village. Venues will include The Barnacle, The Kitchen, Darvill's Bookstore, Outlook Inn, Doe Bay Wine Company and more.




The Cultural Divide in Fact & Fiction:  Pulitzer prize winners Gilbert King and Adam Johnson, along with New York Times Bestseller Tara Conklin passionately discuss their work in fiction and biographies.

Book To Film: Award-winning actress Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, Reaching for the Moon, Homeland), author Willy Vlautin (Motel Life, Lean on Pete), Pulitzer-winner Gilbert King (Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall), and filmmakers discuss the challenges of adapting books into film.

The Evolution of Love, Identity and Relationships in Contemporary Novels: New York Times bestsellers, Robin Sloan and Jamie Attenberg, join award-winning and highly praised authors Scott Hutchins and Kim Fu for a fascinating discussion on everything from gender identity to relationships with sentient and non-sentient identities.

On The Run: Critically-acclaimed suspense-thriller masters Victor Lavalle, Willie Vlautin, Urban Waite, Bruce Holbert, and Samuel W. Gailey contemplate the creating of their popular noir and Grit Lit stories about characters on the run from their past, present, and often times, pure evil.

Family Fest:  Come participate in our free Saturday Family Fest with costumed cast members from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, readings by children’s authors and kids, an eco-inspired coloring station, refreshments and more.  YA authors Lilliam Rivera and Jennifer Longo will also be on hand to discuss writing and YA literature with kids. More details coming soon at our Family Fest page.

This Is The Place: Women Writing About Home: Editor Margot Kahn, writers Tara Conklin, Elizabeth Eves, Jane Wong and Maya Jewell Zeller discuss their highly praised new anthology of powerful, nonfiction essays on race, sexuality and politics.

The Art Of Memoir: Memoirist Iris Graville, Kaitlyn Teer, and book whisperer and author, Ayn Gailey, discuss the experience and emotional challenges of writing the compelling memoir and share advice on the craft.

Writing the Unspeakable: With award-winning poets Kevin Clark, Jill McCabe Johnson, Tina Schumann. As writers, we often take risks, push boundaries, and give voice to "dangerous" ideas and volatile situations that can upset and even threaten relationships, society, and individual psyches. In this panel, we’ll discuss dilemmas surrounding some of the following hot-button topics: Mental illness, Sexual assault, Racism, Personal lives of friends and family, Authorial appropriation, Balancing compassion with honesty and transcending our own fears

The Art Of Editing
The Artful Editors (Naomi Kim Eagleson, Todd Summar, and Jonathan Starke) discuss how to work with a developmental editor to produce your best manuscript, and book whisperer and editor Ayn Gailey shares how she helps authors earn critical acclaim, garner top agents, and earn spots on the NY Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestseller lists.

Writing Humor Is No Joke: A panel of published humor writers (Mark J. Ferrari, Shannon Page, Karen G. Berry, Spencer Ellsworth, and Tina Connolly) will discuss processes and principles useful in crafting everything from a brief smirk to a guffaw as needed in short stories and novels. Insight will be offered on everything from the practical employment of surprise, pacing, and ‘comic devices,’ to when and how to keep absurd plot and dialogue credible or make credible dialogue and plot absurd. 

Battle of the Genres: Emceed by Jennifer Brennock, this Saturday night event is destined to be more epic than any of the battles taught in your dusty lit class in college, Battle of the Genres awards the least prestigious prize in literature. Yup, all lit and lit lovers are at the mercy of satire in this half-improv, half-spelling bee event that pits poet against proser against (worst of all) dramatist. Let’s raise a glass and our skirts to that sly mistress who has seduced us all: lit.