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It takes a village (or close-knit archipelago). . .

To pull off a world-class literary arts festival on a remote island is no small task. The Orcas Island Lit Festival is a non-profit and our Board of Directors and organizers are all unpaid volunteers. We are also passionate readers and lovers of books and poetry.  Are you also inspired by the literary arts? Would you like to support an off-season event to drive traffic to our beloved merchants and inn keepers? If so, please join us! As you can see below there are a number of ways to donate, sponsor and volunteer.

Donate Now

The commitment by private citizens will help us succeed in bringing a world-class literary festival to Orcas Island. To become a festival patron, please donate to our cause.  All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed to you.

Marquee/Header Top Billing + Legacy inclusion in program as a Founding Patron. Includes 6 VIP passes (Full Festival + Invitations to Gala w/ Authors)

Marquee/Header Top Billing + 4 VIP passes (Full Festival + Invitations to Gala w/ Authors)

Online & Print Logos Large Size + 2 VIP passes (Full Festival + Invitations to Gala w/ Authors)

$500.00 (—Online & Print Logos Small Size + 2 Festival Passes)

Online & Print Listing (business or family name only)

Anything will help our cause. Please check other to give whatever amount you are able to.

Donate Now


If you are able to help with anything on this list, thank YOU in advance. And, if you could be so kind as to use the volunteer button/form at the end of the list to reach out to us, we would appreciate it.


Donation of gift basket items for presenters and headlining authors

Prizes for Battle of the Genres

Volunteers to help before and/or during the festival

Graphic artists to design cool maps, signage, programs and other items

In-kind donation and execution of Badges/lanyards

Help with printing costs of programs and author welcome packets

Party planners|designers to help with set-up ideas

Florists to donate arrangements for panels and events


have questions? please email us.